Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services


            This Holiday Season, you’re likely receiving requests from national non-profit organizations soliciting support for many great causes.  But how many of those organizations create an impact in Cumberland?


            On December 25, when you wake up, you’ll be at home in a warm environment, able to make memories with family and friends, exchanging gifts and sharing this special time over a delicious meal.  Imagine how different your situation would be without a roof over your head or without your home.


            At Cumberland Neighborhood Housing, an organization in existence since 1982, we work every day to educate individuals on the responsibilities of being a homeowner and providing individuals with the tools to make the American Dream of homeownership a reality, so that they too can share the excitement of waking up in their home and sharing the day with family and friends on December 25.


            But, we need your support to help build our community into a place where more individuals own their home, maintain their home, and contribute responsibly and positively to Cumberland.  At CNHS, we maintain programs that assist individuals in determining their financial capacity, helping individuals purchase homes that they can afford to buy and maintain, engage in programs that assist individuals in home repairs to better serve their disabilities, and provide counseling services before the purchase as well as courses about home repair. We also provide foreclosure counseling services to prevent homes from going into foreclosure and potentially sitting vacant and becoming run down.


            Performing these tasks requires considerable funding and while we do receive federal grants, state grants and revenue from mortgage loans that we hold and service, the demands on our services continue to grow, as we encourage more responsible home ownership.  I hope that you will consider the impact that CNHS has on Cumberland and support our efforts with a contribution.  A contribution of just $50.00, provides a group of five individuals with two hours of counseling services.  One hundred dollars provides a full counseling session and graduation to a family of three to purchase a home.  A gift of $250.00 or $500.00, will fund home repairs to a disabled person’s home to either build an entranceway ramp or convert a bathroom to provide accessibility.  Support in the form of $1,000.00 will fully fund one closing cost grant to fill the gap to allow the American Dream to be a reality for a family.


            Your support at any level is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time and consideration and thank you for your dedication to our community.  All contributions are tax deductible and may be mailed in the form of a check payable to "Cumberland Neighborhood Housing," to 400 N. Mechanic Street, Cumberland, MD 21502.




We're here to help you!

Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services is a private non-profit organization directed by a volunteer Board of Directors intent on improving our community! 

How do we improve the community?  Give us a call today at 301-722-6958 or visit our office at 400 N. Mechanic Street, Cumberland, so that we can show you!  You can also request information by mail from this website.  Click here for details!

The first step to everything from buying a home to preventing foreclosure often involves knowing your credit score.  We have the resources to get you your credit score at no cost.  Visit our "Resources" page for details!

NAILS Missions applications for 2015 will be accepted beginning January 1, 2015.  The application is available online and may be submitted in person or by mail.  Applications do not have a firm due date, however, those received first will be evaluated first.

Thank you for your interest in Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services and our NAILS Mission Program!


Fair Housing Awareness

Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services has given away a tool box full of tools in an effort to raise awareness about Fair Housing. 

Congratulations to winner, Ruth Brantner of Cumberland!  Presenting the tool box and a selection of the tools is CNHS Executive Director Brian Grim.